Children’s Music to Love: Elizabeth Mitchell

We discovered Elizabeth Mitchell the way many modern parents must discover new children’s music: through a Pandora station.  Since first hearing her folk-meets-children style online, I’ve purchased her popular and award-winning You Are My Little Bird, as well as my favorite, Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie.  Mitchell is the perfect example, in my mind, of a children’s artist who appeals strongly to adults–at least adults like me who would like to live and breathe great acoustic folk music day and night.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Music to Love: Elizabeth Mitchell”

  1. We discovered Elizabeth Mitchell on a CD (back in the day) entitled For the Kids. There is a For the Kids Two and Three, I think as well. Anyway, all the tracks are great, and you can go from there to the individual artists’ recordings. Children’s music is wonderful The danger is, however, it will play in your head for the entire day. I’ve been humming, Can You Catch the Moon, ever since I read this post.

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