Children’s Music To Love: Caspar Babypants

Friends have long been on my case about posting some of our favorite music for kids, so here is the start of what I hope will be a long and informative series.

Caspar Babypants, aka Chris Ballew, is a member of the alt-rock group The Presidents of the United States of America (they have a new album due out this February, so are officially not defunct).  In the middle of a successful rock career, Ballew had kids, and released his first Caspar album, Here I Am! in 2009.

We own most of Caspar’s discography (love the new Beatles album), and it plays on repeat in our car.  His music not only has magical powers to calm and soothe even the most hysterical of infants and toddlers, it’s also easy on the ears of parents, and has a great dance beat.  Below is a fab 20s-style animation of one of my personal favorites, “My Flea Has Dogs.”  Enjoy!

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