Fast Forward to Now: Thoughts on a Friday

Today we walked to the ice cream stand to honk at the geese and point at the goats and battle for a chocolate frappe.  I got most of it, but Charlie had a good grip there for a while on the straw.  The kid eats organic veggies and fresh fruit all day long: she deserves some chocolate now and then on a Friday.  Plus, I have a feeling we’ll both need the calories to get us through the weekend.  

While we were there we ran into a young woman, nine months pregnant with her first child.  Resplendent in a long skirt and sari-print scarf, she was ordering mint chocolate chip with her mother. 

“It’s my first grandchild,” the older woman boasted, proudly.  

I was that older, wiser (ha!), fast-forward-to-now mother with the one-year-old.  I grinned and beamed as they ogled my toddler, and told the mom-to-be she looked fabulous (which she did).  

“You’re in for a treat,” I said as we left.  “It’s a trip and a half.”  And I meant it.  

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