Things I Want To Buy For My Daughter

Being a parent will turn you into a consumer.  I’ve always prided myself on being something of a penny-pincher, but the truth is, I love to spend as much as the next person: I just have a guilty conscience about it.

So, I choose my vices wisely: I know we need to eat, so I spend money on great food.  My child needs to be clothed (sometimes), so I enjoy buying clothes for her (although I try to be frugal, and have found great things at the consignment shops).

It’s hard to justify spending money on toys for an infant or toddler.  There are enough toys in my house already, gifted from other people, than I know what to do with.  And Charlotte’s all-time favorite playthings at the moment are as follows: two rocks, old Tupperware, and an empty bottle of contact lens solution.

Still, I enjoy looking at beautiful things, and for the moment I’m spending next to nothing on clothing for myself, so I’ve got to drool over something.  Here are a few items I might be tempted by, if my house were about twice as big, and if I were independently wealthy.

This Land of Nod playhouse is enough to make me want to go into business as a green grocer.
Tell me this doesn’t look like the most fun you’ve ever had. Also completely age-inappropriate for my kid, but whatever.
I really just want this for myself, I won’t lie.
This toy is ass-ugly (I’m sorry, but there’s really no other way to put it), but we had something like this when I was a kid, and I thought it was AMAZING. We probably got it for my little brother, who is 6 years my junior, so I was probably a tween at the time, but whatever. It was awesome.
The coolest toddler bike to grace the planet, in my humble opinion. I can just imagine my tot cracking her scull open while riding this thing, but wouldn’t she look like a rockstar while she did it?
We want to build one of these… but knowing us, that might take about a decade. I would love to just buy this one and call it a day.
Another Land of Nod delectable. I’m just so desperate to start doing arts and crafts with my one-year-old, and clearly this table would do the trick. Even if it’s just me using it, and her pinching her hands in the drawers.

Other than these, I would really love to have an entire Montessori preschool on hand at all times.  Those “materials” are just so aesthetically pleasing.

What am I missing?  Is there anything crazy out there you really want for yourself but might be able to buy and blame on your child–I mean, that your child might also love?

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