Fear of Blogging: learning the ropes

I quit my job in publishing approximately 6 months ago (yikes!), and since then I’ve been having a total blast hanging out with my kid and my dog “on vacation” (as I’ve referred to my stay-at-home-momdom since its inception).  It’s a lot of work, too, to be frank, and I haven’t had much time to look for that elusive “dream job” I told my husband I was going to find once I left the depressing world of cubicles and the collapsing university library marketplace.

Right now, because I spend so much of my time making up new verses to “There was a girl who had a dog and Banjo was his name-o” and reading about preschool philosophies, I admit I sometimes miss elements of that old world.  Not so much that I’m running back quite yet, but I miss those 2-hour-long meetings I used to have with my marketing manager (wherein we discussed everything from Friends to SEO), and I miss the sense of accomplishment I used to get from mastering something new.

In the interest of filling this void in my days, I decided to learn more about what successful bloggers do, and see how much I can apply to this little corner of the web.  I started at approximately 4 this afternoon, and took a break to bathe and play and nurse my kid to sleep, then again to help G clean out the basement and make dinner, so I really haven’t been at it for very long, but let me tell you, is it ever intimidating!  Here are a few observations*:

  • There are approximately 4 million mommy bloggers out there in the US alone, and most of them aren’t terribly successful at the blogging part of that equation (presumably because they’re all too busy with the ‘mommy’ half).  They’re certainly not making a whole lot of cash.  
  • Blogging is really a full-time job, if you want to do it well, and although the writing part is important, a lot more of what makes bloggers successful is what they do on the side.  Namely: major social media knowhow and promotion.
  • To continue on from that last one: to be on top of the blogosphere you better be on top of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram… you name it.

I find this intimidating, not only because it’s a lot of work, but also because in the past I’ve been more or less successful at avoiding social media outlets.  They take up time and energy that I’ve preferred to use walking my dog and reading novels in the bathtub.  Now that I have a kid, I have even less of said time and energy (I can’t remember the last time I took a bath–these days its more like 3-minute showers).  All of this aside, I’m going to give it a whirl.  I find this sort of challenge inspiring, and even if all it amounts to is learning more about how social media works, how bad could that be?  Wish me luck.

*Here’s a fun graphic on the mommy-blogger world of today:

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