WFNX: A shout out to the best radio station in Boston

WARNING: as is to be expected from the title, this post contains unrestrained nostalgia and emotional badgering worthy of a drunken midnight rampage (and sadly you know I’m not drunk).  Continue reading at your own risk.  For more details:

I started listening to 101.7 in high school when this local “Boston’s alternative” was already famous for introducing such greats at Nirvana and Greenday to our New England backwater.  Over the years I have become a more dedicated consumer–I took advantage of online streaming while living in France, and today WFNX vies with WBUR as the most popular choice in our car during daily commutes (and knowing us that’s really saying something).

I own no television, hence I have relied on local and online radio for many years to bring me news and music.  ‘FNX doesn’t only play great music; they also embody a mindset and a philosophy that is sorely lacking in mainstream radio, where cynicism and cut-throat mediocrity run rampant.  Their DJs are not only true music enthusiasts and great entertainers–they are also funny, compassionate individuals with above-average levels imagination and a yen for the avant-garde.

It breaks my heart that a station with such a history, and such soul, can be bought out by the evil Big Brother of corporate radio shit (I know, I know–I’m clearly up-in-arms here).  What is more, I think of my daughter, who has listened (attentively, I know) for the first time to the Smiths, Arcade Fire, and Frank Turner, and won’t have this great media outlet in her life after this summer.

There is so much more to say, but there are better ways to communicate my grief.  In closing, therefore, here’s a fabulous song in honor of a fabulous station.

One thought on “WFNX: A shout out to the best radio station in Boston”

  1. Here! Here!…to make matters worse, Clear Channel is owned mostly by Bain Capital, which is mostly run by Mitt Romney. Thats right, Mitt Romney ruined the soundtrack of your life. I hear he’s gunning for the Easter bunny next.

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