To my readers

I began this blog in preparation for the time when I would be home this summer and then through the fall (what better way to keep my brain from melting out my ears than to let it melt onto the internet?).  Although my posts over the past months have been infrequent, at least I now have an established space in which to air my ramblings, and I hope to be more diligent going forward.  While I began with an experimental mixture of books, music, clothes, and personal anecdotes on my experiences of pregnancy, I expect futures posts will be more focused: I will be a mother soon, after all, and I hear this is somewhat all-engrossing.  Hence, while I plan to continue the general mixed nature of my content, from here on out my thoughts will most likely orbit around my daughter, regardless of the subject matter I happen to be tackling in each individual post.

I feel it is worth mentioning an exceptional, unexpected, and wondrous side-effect of this writing: my family is reading.  I suppose, upon alerting my very loving and dedicated mother to the existence of this outlet, I should have assumed other familial readers would follow.  I did not, however, anticipate the level of dedicated reading, nor the outpouring of gratitude and love I would receive in response.  The expansion of my own small family unit has brought me closer to the very marvelous and exceptional people with whom I share familial ties.  I am fortunate enough to count among my relatives some of the most intelligent, witty, and challenging individuals I have ever encountered.  Needless to say, I hope you all continue visit, and find this site worth reading, in whatever capacity.  I will continue to write for you, as long as I have things in my mind worth writing.

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