haute fashion for a liberated spring

Ever since I started to show a little pregnant bump, I’ve been on the lookout for fabulous clothes.  My wonderfully elegant mother gifted me a Vince sweater for Christmas, and it has been my uniform ever since.  Likewise, it was at her suggestion that I started considering Eileen Fisher as a viable alternative to traditional maternity wear.  All in all, I’m not suffering as much as one might think, considering my increasing rotundity.  Our recent trip down to NYC, however, reminded me that there is more to fashion than looking presentable.  Fashion, more than anything, is about deliberate design–art, shall we say, in the everyday.

Enter my wishlist for spring: high fashion choices for gals in search of a bit more, shall we say, freedom.  Stop number one: Danish designer Ivan Grundahl. Elegance incarnate in raw materials (linen, cotton, silk), the shapes here are both classic and edgy.  What more could a pregnant girl ask for?  Here’s hoping my favorite Boston boutique gets some of these pieces in my size before the crocuses start blooming.

Said boutique also carries Lauren Vidal, whose wool mini-dress has kept me looking relatively svelte even as my belly grows.  Vidal’s designs are romantic and feminine, without ever venturing into the realm of the precious.  Pregnancy has turned me into a bit of a hippie, but I’m trying to keep myself from dropping over the edge.  Vidal’s graffiti-inspired prints will keep me on the straight and narrow into spring.  I love the filminess of her 2012 collection–I have a feeling this baby is going to raise my temperature, so the sheer silks are particularly inviting.

Finally, for those gals out there who aren’t preggers but are looking for something fabulous to wear as we continue headlong into spring-like conditions, here’s a taste of one of my favorite designers.  I certainly couldn’t fit into any of these charming pieces, but I know you can.  Rock some red lipstick, a fab belt and a silk sundress for me, and get out there.

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